We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Sell Fast With Us.

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The Short Sale alternative was a surprise for me.  Not knowing the ins and outs of the process, my husband and I were sure a foreclosure was the obvious step to getting out of a difficult situation we were in.  Enter Matt Hedstrom and Short Sale Experts….we were pleased to hear that the process of a short sale is another alternative to solving our problem.  We were happy to hear that our formerly stellar credit rating wouldn’t take as big of a hit as a foreclosure would (proof just recently of this is when we co-signed a car loan for our son just 6 short months after our process began…..and our credit history was not a factor in him obtaining his car loan).  It also would not be a negative flaw to our character, as there is no law suit filed by the bank and that our loss of home value would not impact the process but actually aid it!

Matt’s professionalism is to be praised!  He answers phone calls, files paperwork and aids the process anyway he can to ensure a successful end.  When a buyer was found for our home, he made sure they felt comfortable too!

Overall, for those who find themselves in this predicament, I would highly recommend Matt and Short Sale Experts to act as your agent too!

Pat & Kim Cowles

My name is Lana Frank-Krause; I was the POA for my parents Charles and Joyce Stine. They had fallen into a bad situation with their health and the condition of their home; they were upside down with their mortgage; mom became very ill and subsequently died. Matt met with me after mother passed and dad was registered in a nursing home; he helped me from start to finish. Matt was always more than a professional working with me and Chase bank to short sale my parents’ home.  Matt was a blessing from God sent just when I needed him most…

  When the time came to complete the process I was made to feel comfortable, at the closing they laughed and giggled with me. Matt and his group were all professionals, they worked patiently with me.

  Matt went above and beyond to complete the sale of my parents’ home. He even came to the nursing home with me to get signatures from dad, since the bank was being a pain… Matt spent many hours on the phone with the bank… all this was a blessing to me, less stress on me.

  In my dealings with Matt, I appreciated the professional manner in which Matt and his team handled the whole process. Matt is a strong Godly man that has a pair of big shoulders; he was able to empathize with the situation. He constantly assured me that we would make this work.

I would highly recommend Matt and Short Sale Specialists to anyone needing a professional group to help with the sale or purchase of a home.

Lana Frank-Krause

Thank you so much for such a great selling experience! After my parents passed away, my siblings and I didn’t know what to do with the house that was in complete disrepair. We couldn’t afford the repairs and my parents were hoarders. Matt and his team at sellfastwithus.com treated us with respect and gave us a fair offer. In addition, they let us take what we wanted from the house and leave everything else behind for them to clean out. We did not think the house could be sold in that condition and now the burden is lifted. Thank you again.

Julia E.